Case Studies

Transforming Canadian Dance Company’s
Online Advertising Strategy

The Client

  • Client: Canadian Dance Company
  • Location: Burlington and Oakville, Ontario, Canada
  • Background: Canadian Dance Company (CDC) is a prestigious dance school in Canada and one of the largest in the country. With two locations in Burlington, Ontario and Oakville, Ontario they have gained recognition for their award-winning performances in international dance competitions. CDC offers a diverse range of dance classes for all ages and skill levels, including hip-hop, ballet, contemporary, acro, ballroom, tap, and Indian dance. Their team of certified instructors is committed to nurturing talent and providing an exceptional dance education.

The Problem

CDC was facing several challenges with their online marketing efforts:

  1. Fragmented Marketing: Their online advertising efforts were scattered and lacked a cohesive strategy.
  2. Lack of ROI: The existing campaigns were not producing a measurable return on investment (ROI).
  3. Complex Campaign Setup: The ad campaigns were overly complex, making them challenging to manage and analyze effectively.
  4. Conversion Tracking: CDC was not tracking conversions, making it impossible to measure the effectiveness of their advertising efforts.
  5. Ineffective Freelancer: They had been relying on a freelancer who lacked the necessary skills and experience to optimize their digital marketing campaigns.


CDC was introduced to Solid Mass Media, a digital marketing agency based in Port Moody, British Columbia, known for its expertise in creating and executing effective online marketing strategies. Solid Mass Media implemented the following solution:

  1. Comprehensive Advertising Strategy: Solid Mass Media devised a holistic advertising strategy encompassing Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to cover a wide audience base.
  2. Strategic Campaigns: They created well-planned and strategic ad campaigns that targeted all dance styles offered by CDC, catering to dancers of all skill levels. These campaigns also accounted for both CDC locations in Burlington and Oakville.

The Results


Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of over 10x


34.5% increase in revenue year over year

The implementation of Solid Mass Media’s digital marketing strategy yielded impressive results:

  1. Exceptional ROI: Within just two months, CDC’s advertising campaigns achieved a remarkable Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of over 10x, demonstrating the effectiveness of the new strategy.
  2. Sustained Bookings: During a historically slow period for dance class bookings, CDC experienced sustained interest and sign-ups, defying the usual drop in enrollment. Shawn Watkins, CDC’s Studio Owner, notes: “We have seen an increase in enrollment revenue 34.5% increase in revenue year over year so far, a lot of which is attributed to the marketing strategy of Solid Mass Media.”
  3. Maximized Class Sign-Ups: The new strategy effectively drove sign-ups for classes that were not previously at full capacity, demonstrating the potential for growth even during off-peak times.


The collaboration between Canadian Dance Company and Solid Mass Media has revitalized CDC’s online marketing efforts. With a focused and strategic approach to digital advertising, CDC has achieved a substantial ROI, maintained consistent enrollment numbers, and maximized class sign-ups. The partnership has not only elevated their online presence but also solidified their position as one of the premier dance schools in Canada.