Case Studies

HOME RENOVATion Companies

The Client

Troico is a kitchen cabinet & bathroom home renovation company located in BC. Their team are experts in design, manufacturing, and build beautiful bespoke kitchens for any space. What makes them unique is that they have their own millwork shop in-house in BC to create a truly custom space for your home.

The Challenge

At the beginning of 2022, the owners of Troico approached us to audit their Google ads and Facebook ads account, as well as their website. They were not sure where their ad spend was going, and if it was driving results. The ads were made in their agency’s ad account and were not available to view. Their website was also on a platform that did not have GA4 installed, and conversions set up. Their website was also dated and did not represent their current services and projects. Suffice to say, the client was not in the driver seat of their own data and was frustrated with not knowing which channel was driving results. They were also wanted their website to display their current projects and also an idea gallery that made it easier for their customers to visualize their renovation project.


Moving agencies is difficult. But when the future of your business is on the line, it’s a decision that had to be made. The only way to gain transparency of their ad account was to move. We set up Troico with their own Google Ad account as well as Facebook Ads.

We also discovered that their current website platform was not converting and recommend that they build a new website using WordPress. This resulted in a website that reflected their updated project gallery as well as idea gallery – part of the client’s original vision.

Once the new website was launched, we started on the progress of monthly SEO – tracking keywords, optimizing pages, as well as writing and posting blog posts on a monthly basis.




Increased number of
monthly visitors by 125%


Increase number of leads by 40%


Increased Sales by 22% from last year.